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Harambe Offers Outstanding Creative Solutions For All Your Communication Needs.

Harambe provides creative video and live event production services. Many of our clients are international high tech silicon valley companies. We put together the right team for the right job and have close working relationships with top technicians and artists. Our production experience is wide ranging with regular shoots across North America, Asia, and Europe.

We specialize in Corporate Videos, Advertisements, Web and Live Event production. A sharp focus on customer service allows us to provide excellent product under the tightest deadline. Large or small budget, we are happy to work with you. Please call us for an estimate or consultation regarding your upcoming video production or live event.

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Harambe will bring your live event to life while maximizing your messaging and objectives. With years of experience producing shows of all sizes, we bring the highest skilled professional crews together to ensure a flawless and impactful experience for all. Whether you are a Fortune 500 or start-up we take care of all the details including collaborating with your team to develop themes that resonate with your audience around the world.